Thanks for any info and help on this issue. I am not running a Maxtor, yet I get the same problem, so it can’t be Maxtor-related only, unless the Seagates are very similar to the Maxtor drives. Wednesday, February 28, 2: It still doesn’t work. I’m using two Raid0 logical disks. Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller Driver

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Now I can finaly enjoy Vista on my new computer: I didn’t get any usefull benefit by flashing the LAN Please contact your system vendor for updated BIOS.

ethernet controller 8086 driver download

With much percevearance I have established that: Could it be a problem with NCQ? They are a multi-million company that must be employing useless engineers if they cant find this problem! Friday, March 16, 4: Hope it is of help for any of you, had similar problems on the ich7r as described in this thread marvelo.

I wrote an reply to ask them for an update of the raid rom – maybe there will be a fix availabe soon – I hope it marvel least And I am no further advanced than I was a week ago.


Tuesday, December 26, 2: Thats the next answer Ds got: Everything was looking good with the MB straight out of the box. So far no useful suggestions – just ‘have you got another version of Vista you can try?

So I think Intel’s to blame It was a pain to get it to install and boot in the first place. Second boot, the drive didn’t come back to life, and my RAID 88e805 was considered fully degraded with only 1 disk.

Thursday, March 22, Unfortunately, after the install, it still bluescreened when booting. Saturday, March 17, 5: So you haven’t solved the problem?

Francis, Thanks for the detailed instructions. Friday, March 9, If they are aware of the problem as Intel’s then someone needs to let the Dell support department know. Sunday, April 1, 1: I paid allot of Money for Vista and now I can only run it at half speed!

I have P5B-E Plus.


Major Problem – VISTA RTM / P5WD2-Premium / ICH7R SATA RAID

Wednesday, February 28, 2: Saturday, January 20, 9: I’m just hoping an Intel Matrix Storage Manager update will solve it After working with Dell tech support form Mar 22 to Apr 8 on a similar problem to what I see being discussed here iaStor appearing in the even log at the same time as frequent freeze-ups in Vista on an XPSthey pointed me toward this:.

Am I doing something wrong?

Asus acknowledges that the motherboard does not officially support Vista but also claim that Intels drivers should work and therefore don’t prioritize doing any additional work. Good luck and regards from Germany Bernhard L. Sata it is totally nuts.

System Information Kit Installed: Vista eventually installed on the machine.