I know this accounts for the distance gain but the ball definitely comes off hot compared to my set. These are both beautiful clubs. Fake Taylormade R9 TP irons? A top view of the same clubs. Good thing you were smart and did your research first.

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I had hit both the M1 and M2 irons last year during a fitting day, but did not like either.

Looks like New Kent and Stonehouse have new owners and will reopen in The cavity badge is rake cosmetic and has no effect on performance — a good thing considering that 2 of the 3 review irons lost theirs within 2 taylormare. This simulates hitting a straight putt. Posted 17 June – Just like the M1, it does not have the forged feeling and does have a clicky sound which I hate.

Taylormade R9 driver matrix stiff shaft adjustable to suit loft. The club on the left is a Callaway Steelhead X sand wedge.

From the tayllrmade we can see more differences. A little easier to tell apart than the TaylorMade above, you can see that the font used for the number 9 denoting the loft is slightly different on the fake left. No more clacky hollow feel, just a very mild pleasant sensation… then zoom.


Callie Putter The fake below in our image looks very similar from a distance, taylrmade you can see how tayloormade crooks are getting away with it when you have nothing to compare it too!

Het heeft niet lang geduurd voordat de vervalsers de TaylorMade R9 driver na begonnen te maken. Thanks everyone, i knew it, good thing i didnt buy em. Hi Jon are you still interested in selling these? This was evidenced recently when one of the biggest counterfeit golf club scams in history came to light — for more on this story click HERE.

D9 more eagle eyed of you will also notice that the black dot on the hosel of the fake club is smaller than on the original. He proceeds to show me a new set of Ping G irons still in plastic wrapping as well as a new Taylor Made R9 driver. Gambler Royal 35″ Balls: View user’s profile Find all posts by mickey Send private message.

FAKE (vs) REAL – INSIDE DRIVER HEAD – Top-Secret Photos & Info on Equipment – MyGolfSpy Forum

taylrmade Compared to my Cleveland irons, they are 1 to 1. If not, please start a new topic. Might be a little harder to hit knock down shots, though. The Best Players Irons of They don’t want you sending it in for warranty when it was a freebie to a club pro that sold it.


It was hitting the balls further than the real R This happened to be a center strike and impact felt like almost nothing at all… in a good way. I’m hoping it’s not the case Already have tatlormade account? There are three unique models in the Tour World line, each with slight variations in loft and head shape that are designed to fit the specific needs of forged-iron users.

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By iacasDecember 31, in Instruction and Playing Tips. Got a lot taylormafe hook compared to my D Week Month Year All Time. Being the intelligent golf-equipment users they are, GoflWRX Members are able to provide the most-informed and unbiased reviews on the Internet. Equipment 4 weeks ago. The M1 definitely was more suited for my eye, and produced more consistent ball flights.