Therefore, it will not let the audio pass through to the receiver. I can always plug another monitor in to see the boot-up screens. Originally Posted by magnusavr There is also one issue you guys should be aware off. If they want any more specific testing done then I would be happy to do it and report back. Details on the AMD Radeon video driver package v Jul 15, ,

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The only display that does not see them is the one with the DVI-Detective in the loop. I’ve installed the latest Radeon drivers, and the HDMI audio device installs fine, but no sound plays. Firefox Download the latest version.

Is there are way to trick the hhdmi card into seeing the receiver as an HDMI device? Is that one button on the Geffen, then?

I can no longer see my boot-up screen. Support by Sony Mobile App Never miss an catalysst again! Originally Posted by hithere Is that one button on the Geffen, then? It only recognizes it as a DVI device. I have emailed onkyo and searched catalust support and found nothing. The RX-V is a very popular inexpensive receiver so it is likely that a lot of people will experience this issue in the future.


Jul 8, Jul 26, We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:. Details on the AMD Radeon video driver package v Where did you hear about this? Do they have the ability to test a certain receiver?

It only shows that it is 48 Khz. Jul 16, Internet Explorer Download the latest version.

Hdmi Audio Radeon Driver

Without the fix you loose HDCP compliance. If you’re on XP, there is a Cat 8.

If your resolution is anything other than x, x or i you will not get any audio. Spelled his name wrong!

Hdmi Audio Radeon Driver

Also there are some rumblings about a Yamaha firmware update later this zudio. Originally Posted by xsvcd I have heard that there is an Onkyo update that fixes the problem for their receivers.

Download new and previously released drivers including support software, bios, utilities, firmware and patches for Intel products.

I know they were throwing out some “non-standard” EDID data as well technically, it was within spec, but not the way other companies were doing it. Unfortunately, I am out of town all week so I won’t get it for about 10 days.


Download the latest version of ATI HDMI Audio Device Driver free in English on CCM

Find More Posts by magnusavr. Originally Cqtalyst by hithere. Many other people have encountered this problem with the Yamaha receivers. Except I have an Onkyo receiver. Yamaha receivers are different story.

Find More Posts by HiThere. I checked my receiver to see what type of PCM it was receiving.

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