The 7-seg display indicates the jam number. However, warm-up is continued. Insert the spring pin so that the waveform A of the spring pin faces in the longitudinal direction of the paper exit drive gear long hole B. A copy job stops before it is finished. Be sure to replace these parts with specified ones for Press the [CA] key to terminate the simulation mode. Remove it and then insert it at the indicator line of the paper to be loaded.

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During this process, the cooling fan motor rotates. This simulation is similar to SIM, but without the aging function.

The driver installation wizard will scan your computer and will install the right driver. Optical frame unit Installation: Intermittent 0 sec This simulation is canceled by turning off the power or performing a simulation that executes hardware reset.

The performance specification figures indicated are nominal values of production units. G Insert the original ar-m160/ad-eb7 the document feeder tray as far as it will go.

Sharp AR-M160 Operation Manual

When moving the mirror base rail, hold the mirror base rail with your hand. Operation in this condition will cause poor copy quality and malfunctions. Minimum current response speed 1 Minimum current response speed 2 0.


Before performing the 2nd print surface lead edge position adjustment and the lead edge void adjustment, be sure to perform the 1st print surface lead edge position adjustment in advance, and be sure to perform the 2nd print surface lead edge position adjustment and then the lead edge void adjustment in this sequence.

Be sure to connect the power cord only to a power outlet that meets the specified voltage and current requirements. If high-quality copies are preferred, use this setting to change the resolution to dpi.

AR-M/AR-EB7 Scanner driver free download for windows – Dell – XPS

Check for disconnection of the heater lamp and the thermostat. Improper installation of the mirror unit Check and remedy Clean the mirror, lens, and the reference white plate.

The indicator of the selected paper size lights up. Replace the power unit. When the adjustment value is too great, the outside area of shading may be scanned, resulting in black streaks on copy paper. Put the developing unit horizontally for this adjustment.

Sharpar M160 Ar Eb7 Driver Download

Main code Sub code Details of trouble. The company code of the CRUM differs. Document replacement speed AR-M If no tree is displayed, confirm that the USB is connected and select the “Reconnect” the above 5 again. Section A Open the feeding roller cover and remove the misfed original from the document feeder tray.


Enter the adjustment value with the key and press the [START] key, and the entered value is stored and a copy is made. Compare the copy and the test chart.

Calam̩o РService Manual SHARP AR -M_M_M_M SME

The indicator of the selected ratio will light up. This driver was not digitally signed.

These operations are repeated. Cause Mirror unit abnormality Scanner wire disconnection Origin detection sensor abnormality Mirror motor harness abnormality Check and remedy Use SIM to check the mirror reciprocating operations. When setting the lead edge void to 2.

Main code Sub code Contents Details of operation Set range: The photoconductor cartridge replacement lamp displays the status of the mirror home position sensor. If the retrieval area does not include the folder which includes the maintenance tool driver Pegasus. Check and remedy Check installation of the expansion memory module.

Life packed conditions Photoconductor drum 36 months from the production month Developer, toner 24 months from the production month 3.