Mga sobrang guwapo mga bakla. Still doesn’t work and they become angry and speak over you. Biktima iyan tulad ni Sisa. Allowing them access to my computer, they tried to get banking information. I wanted to waste some of his time, but it finally struck me that I was my time, too. Then they told me to just type ‘www’; asked where, they said anywhere lol. When I got the very first one, I broke out laughing and was promptly hung up on.

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I was hit with this scam and was taken in. As a software architect myself, I found that going to a wild extreme of answering their “support” questions in ways that are at an extreme end of not understanding technology and the associated jargon had two effects: Tell the rep you dont feel comfortable giving him your PC remote access since he called you and that he should give you his call back number and you will call him right back.

This went on for 30 min. They then asked for Bank info to get payment set up for a 2 year monitoring system. I asked who he was talking to and he informed me it was windows tech support. Local family speaks out about losing paycheck in shutdown.


Giving up the WPS is not a good look for the Philippines | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

I told him I don’t have a computer, I know this is a scam The next day got the call and told him I didn’t have a computer. I use my phone and hardly ever pull my computer out. Yes, and I routed his machine to my honey pot. He gave the same narrative with an Indian accent. As I did this, he played a dial tone down the line, and then a ring tone, making me think it was a normal call.

As far as I can tell, the many languages are not a barrier to thinking here, but moral codes are.

I did this on both calls I have recieved. I was some Indian dude claiming to be Windows tech telling me my computer had a virus. Eventually his frustration showed and he passed me to his “supervisor” who walked me through the same drill.

If you were really facing disconnection of services, you would receive repeated warnings from the utility. Mga sobrang guwapo mga bakla.

‘Critical’ Microsoft Office hack uses fake Word documents to install malware

Topics Scams Scam watch. I was hoping he would be there so my parther an IT engineer could have a word with him. I have XP by the way, but he goes you have 7.

It all depends on how bored I am as to asolutely response they get. Mautak na Pinay ngayon, kikita ng husto sa lalaki. I couldn’t change my phone number, one I’d had for decades, because I was in the midst of settling my husband’s estate.


For some callers, I waste their time until I get bored. They say something like “your personal computer” and I say, “which one? Once you call the number on the back of a bank card and go through security stages, you enter into a world of trust wpw you are no longer the boss and the person on the other end takes over.

If you want some extra protection, check out some of these free anti-malware tools. To make the scam seem legitimate, the callers will sometimes play a recording of the WPS customer service greeting on a callback number they give to bkgus. On Wednesday, she received a phone call from a number she didn’t know. Home Target 2 Article. He started to laugh at me. Too bad I could not find one that could be set to automatically reject all obgus caller ids.

They seem not to get that I won’t do anything.